Connection Refused when working with addins

Hi all,

I have an addin I would like to develop on RStudio Cloud. I'm getting this connection refused when the window pops up when I select my addin. I also downloaded the example addings from Rstudio and I also get this same error.


Is there some setting I need to toggle on or off to get the connection to go through? Thanks!

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Would you mind sharing the exact steps to reproduce this problem so we can investigate further?



Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I do a install and restart so the Add-in populates to my Add-in dropdown and when I go to run it I get the connection refused.

Here is the github repo I am working in. Also happy to share the RStudio Cloud project if that helps
atorus-research/timber: Tools to facilitate logging in a clinical environment with the goal of making code easily traceable and reproducible. (

Did you all have any luck in recreating the issue?

Hi there. Yes, I was able to reproduce the issue. It seems based on my testing that the addins will work initially after installing as long as R is not restarted. After restarting R, the addin fails to load with a "connection refused" error. If I fully terminate the session ("Session -> Terminate R"), it seems to work reliably. Please let me know if this matches what you are seeing.

Btw, I tested with the example addins:

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