connection refused on running a shinyapp

Not sure it is an IDE issue or Shiny issue.

The shinyapp that I am running was running perfectly till after i created another shinyapp in the same directory (may be that was the cause) for creating a reprex app for The second app did not run and gave the error "connection refused". When I came back to my original app and clicked on Run App it starts up ok (Listening on and opens a new window to start the shiny UI and then stops immediately giving an error "Connection Refused". See screenshot.

Interestingly, the shinyapp is running on the shiny server without any interruption. I can see it is running when I visit the IP address through my browser.
My shiny App

Rstudio version: ‘1.3.959’
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
R version:4.0.1
Shiny version: 1.6

What could be going wrong?



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