Connecting to Shiny app server from RStudio 404 failure

I am very new to the R environment.
I am trying to run a small POC deploying an R application on a shiny server app which is installed in a different computer.

Within the RStudio IDE the application works fine. In addition, I can also run the app as external and have active in the browser.

On a different machine I have installed a shiny app server, which seems to be working fine (the sample apps function properly when directing from the browser to http://chsrv302:3838).

The last stage is to publish the application from the IDE to the Shiny server and whilst in the stage of trying to connect to the server from the IDE (using rsconnect).
I received the below message:


Error: HTTP 404
POST http://chsrv302:3838/__api__/tokens

Page not found

<p id="message">Sorry, but the page you requested doesn&#x27;t exist.</p>

Please note that after installing the shiny app server I have not done any special configurations.