Connecting to rstudio server outside of local network

I created a server in a virtual Box ubuntu machine and it is running fine and I am able to connect to from other devices on my LAN and WAN however when I try to connect externally such as off of my phones mobile data I cannot and get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. I have the port foward in my router for port 8787 to except all external ip's so why can't I connect? Any help would be great, thanks.

Are you sure that you have a public IP assigned? Some times ISPs use a NAT3 config and bind together several users under the same public IP if that is the case you're going to have to ask your ISP to change your config to NAT2.

Each device on my network has a individual public ip including the VM. Are you saying I should use the public ip somehow in the port foward? Thanks for the reply

I think we have a misunderstanding going on here, if every device in your network has a public IP, then why you would need to configure port forwarding?

Usually this works as follows, the device that has an assignet public IP is the router, then, you configure port forwarding on it to redirect incoming trafic from public_ip:8787 towards the server's local_IP:8787

If you run this command on a system terminal in your VM, does the public IP matches what you are using to connect remotely?

dig +short

Very new to networking and server stuff so when you said public ip I just googled what my public ip was on different devices and they were different. The command gave 2 different ip's I have never seen before.

Well I think you should call your internet service provider and ask them about your public IP, whether you have one assigned and how to know which one is it.

I think this problem is more related to your network configuration than it is to rstudio server, it's hard to give you an specific solution since WAN configurations could be very different among ISPs and even different countries (I'm from PerĂº).

Ok I will try that, thank you very much for your help

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