Connecting RStudio to Github and Azure

Hello RStudio Community:

Can I connect RStudio to different remote repositories, i.e.
one SSH key for Azure and another for Github?
If so, how? I'm currently connected to Azure.
When I go to Tools-> Global Options -> Git/SVN, I see that the default directory ~.ssh/ is associated with only one SSH key, id_rsa.

If I defined a new version control GIT project, and enter the URL for Github, would that give me the option to define a different SSH key, or will the global option will set the same id_rsa I currently have for Azure?

I assume I could make two SSH keys, and alternate the name id_rsa, by hand, to connect RStudio to the different repositories. However, this feels too lame. If somebody has a more efficient way, please share your suggestions.

Thanks for your time,

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