Connecting R to Azure DataLake Gen2

I am trying to connect my R to Azure Data Lake as my source of data via SAS token. I get from Azure DataLake administrator read access to given folder. So to summarize I have:

blob_service = ''
data_lake_storage = ''
pathToFolder = 'path/to/folder/with/acess'
blob_sas_token = 'blobksastoken1232133210'
blob_sas_url = 'blob_service/pathToFolder?blob_sas_token'

end_point <- blob_endpoint(endpoint = blob_service, sas = blob_sas_token)

Unfortunately when I check how end_point looks like, it doesn't look properly

Azure blob storage endpoint
Access key: <none supplied>
Azure Active Directory token: <none supplied>
Account shared access signature: <hidden>
Storage API version: 2021-06-08

But I tried to run:


and I got error:

Error in process_storage_response(response, match.arg(http_status_handler),  : 
  Internal Server Error (HTTP 500). Failed to complete Storage Services operation. Message:
Server encountered an internal error. Please try again after some time.

Any ideas on how to connect to the ADL so I can access the data I have been granted access to?
I would be grateful for any help, because I have read the whole internet on this subject and I have not given advice :frowning:

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