Connecting A Dataframe to Tableau

Hello my dear friends,
If i have a dataframe at R and i need to connect it to tableau. so i can see all of its columns at tableau. Is it doable ? i will use R in all calculations and computing ,forecasting,....... . then Show final results on Tableau to be shareable to all managers , But i cannot export the dataframe to tableau. It will not be good to export in excel sheet that excel will not stand for number of rows of the dataframe. So can any one help me please :slight_smile:
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I asked a similar question on Stackoverflow a while ago - see here.

You can connect Tableau to an .rda file, which can be created by running save(df, "df.rda")


Really appreciated @tiernan :slight_smile:
Will try this Option now ,
And will contact you for another question please. thanks a million :slight_smile: