Connect Twitter Api v2 to R

Here there,
I am connecting to twitter Api V2 for the first time, but I can't make the desire connection. See my code below:

#  twitter_token <- create_token(
   #app = 'TTT - Extracting Tweets',
    #consumer_key <- "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    #consumer_secret <- "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    #access_token <- "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    #access_secret <- "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    #bearer_Key <- "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    #set_renv = F
  tweet.df <- search_tweets(tag, n = n, include_rts = FALSE, lang = lang, token = twitter_token, retryonratelimit = retryonratelimit)
  print(paste0("Total Tweets downloaded for - ",tag,": ",length(tweet.df$text)))
  print(paste0("Total Unique Texts downloaded for - ",tag,": ",length(unique(tweet.df$text))))

Created on 2022-03-23 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

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