Connect to MySQL Database Via the new Connections Tab

I have a MySQL database running locally on a machine and would like to explore the new Connections system in RStudio. I did a lot of looking on how to use this new tool with my database but came up pretty short. I can access the database through R by using the DBI::dbConnect methods and directly using RMySQL. When I place a working dbConnect call into the dialog for the new Connection and hit "test", it says good to go. When I then click on "ok" the dialog disappears but nothing appears in the listview where the connections would typically be listed. Is MySQL not supported through the new Connections tab?

I would provide more code here and a simple example or some screenshots, but the computer in question is not networked and data cannot come off of it.

I am running RStudio 1.1.383, R version 3.4.0, MySQL 5.7.18, RMySQL 0.10.11, DBI 0.7

Hi @justacec, you're correct RMySQL does not support Connections tab yet. Currently, only connection initiated by odbc or sparklyr will provide that capability. Instead of implementing this functionality package by package, our current plan is to hopefully get it working inside DBI so that all packages benefit, here is the current conversation about that: