Connect to impala database through SSH

I've been trying to connect to this database
If I connect normally through SSH using the terminal everything goes well, but I can't figure out how to do it in R as I want to extract data from that database.

I've tried several options including the one suggested here, but it never really worked.

I'm not really experienced with this, so I'm not even sure exactly where to start from.

Thank you

I think it is not stand to connect to a DB with impala.

Maybe the {ssh} :package: can be of help here:

With this, you may be able to send SQL by ssh to the database shell. I did not test it;

Some other ideas,

  • dplyr could be use to generate the query from R code by printing the query with show_query
  • glue as a glue_sql function that could help build query too.

I let you try this. Hope it helps (... a little)