connect rstudio-server via ipv6

I hope to connect rstudio-server via ipv6, but I can't. My ipv6 is good. If I connect rstudio-server via ipv6, I could use it buy internet, not LAN.

I think this has more to do with your server network config and maybe the reverse proxy config (if you are using one). Can you give more details about your setup and configuration?

Thanks for your reply. I just follow the guideline on the official site. There is no any changes about setup and configutation. Other apps could be connected via ipv6, such as xrdp. But rstudio-server can't. Maybe ipv6 port isn't listened by rstudio-server. I don't know how to solve it.

Is the public ipv6 address assigned directly to your server or you have configured port forwarding in your router? Have you checked the 8787 port is not being blocked by a firewall both at your router or server?

It would really help us get a better picture of your problem if you gave a detailed overview of your setup and configuration steps.

I can connect my server directly via the public ipv6 address. There is a new idea. I install nginx to forward [ipv6]:9001 to in my server. Now I can login rstudio-server through ipv6. Thank you for your help.

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