Connect admin guide, Appendix E (deployment): bundleApp syntax

There should be a triple colon for bundleApp, right? See sec. E.3.6

pth <- 'C:/Users/xxx/Desktop/funShiny/dance'
fls <- rsconnect::listBundleFiles(pth)
Tgt <- list(appName = c('here'))
             appDir = pth,               
           appFiles = fls$contents, 
      appPrimaryDoc = fls$contents, 
      assetTypeName = 'dan',     
    contentCategory = 'bsn',  verbose = T,)

This did not work, but it was closer to working than with two colons.

Also, the next section (E.4) needs a double colon


Great question! And thanks for reporting this! That appendix section is a good bit outdated, unfortunately, and is something we definitely need to clean up.

Some more modern approaches you might try to programmatic deployment are outlined here (note that they require a newer version of RStudio Connect. The latest is 1.7.6):


API cookbook:

A support article:

Examples with bash:

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