Confusion about bs_accordion behaviour

I am confused about bs_accordion behaviour.
Because no icons were showen besides the h4-text, I tried to set some by css.
I did that, but there was a problem, because initially the panel-heading don't have a class="collapsed", but it has such a data-attribute at first call. Only after first open and close action in the header class the collapsed-state is set.

So I tried to work with setting a class by bs_set_opts - but this didn't work.
Or I tried with use_heading_link in bs_set_opts - but this works unexpectedly - because the link was set by use_heading_link = FALSE and was not set by use_hading_link = TRUE.

I can work with this behavior but is there a logical mindset behind. It needed a couple of time to find out this.

And is there a chance to set a class (.collapsed) to this link or this title (.panel-heading) initially? In the accordion body there is this class set correctly, in the heading only after the first clickevent for closing the panel.

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