conflr errors when trying to publish a Rmd page to confluence

I have created a Rmd doc and using output: github_document I was also able to generate a readme for a Github repo.

Some folk in our company do not have access to Github and theyw ouldlike me to publish the Rmd documentation of a project to Confluence. I found the GitHub - line/conflr: Post R Markdown documents to Confluence library for doing this.

I've followed the set up guidelines and added global variables to my .Renviron, including


I then used the conflr add in to attempt to post to a page. I entered the Space of the page which is called 'Analytics' and then the parent page ID. After I click publish I get this output in the console:

No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8.
Listening on
No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8.
No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8.
No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8.
Warning: Error in parse_url: length(url) == 1 is not TRUE

I tried Google searching for this error. Perhaps I should post on the library Github page, but I wanted to ask here first. How can I publish a Rmd file to Confluence? How should I interpret this error and how can I overcome it?

I tried some other functions from the package just to see if it recognized by credentials in .Renviron (I restarted R after updating .Renviron with my credentials).

e.g. list pages in a space

confl_list_pages(spaceKey = 'Analytics')
No encoding supplied: defaulting to UTF-8.
[1] <head>\n<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">\n<title>Sign in ・ Cloudflare Access</title ...
[2] <body>\n    <div class="Surface">\n      <div class="AuthBox">\n        <div class="AuthBox-body">\n          <a class ...

I'm not sure if this means there's a successful read of my credentials or not?

How can I post my Rmd file to Confuence?

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