Confirmatory factor analysis- negative shared variance

Hiya - I seem to be struggling with my analysis tried several ways to resolve the problem and was unsuccessful. I not sure why my variances comes out negative
This is my code <- ' =~ AM.numeric + AR.numeric' <- cfa(,
se = "robust",
data = dat)

standardized = TRUE)

this is the output:

Estimator ML
Optimization method NLMINB
Number of model parameters 4

                                              Used       Total

Number of observations 1766 2232

Model Test User Model:

Test statistic NA
Degrees of freedom -1
P-value (Unknown) NA

Parameter Estimates:

Standard errors Robust.sem
Information Expected
Information saturated (h1) model Structured

Latent Variables:
Estimate Std.Err z-value P(>|z|) =~
AM.numeric 1.000 3.207
AT.numeric 3.266 NA 10.475


Estimate Std.Err z-value P(>|z|)
.AM.numeric 66.456 NA 66.456
.AT.numeric -19.342 NA -19.342 10.284 NA 1.000

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