Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) with continuous and categorical variables in R


I am trying to perform Confirmatory Factor Analysis with mixed variables ( 6 continuous and 6 categorical variables). Several online source suggest that Mplus is a suitable software for CFA analysis that involves mixed variables. However, I would like to use R, but I am not sure whether it can handle mixed variables well. I am new to R, so please advise.

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It seems the lavaan package will be able to implement CFA for you. I found a great tutorial online:

It also explains how to use categorical variables with the lavTables() function

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Thank you very much PJ.

Can lavaan handle dichotomous items along with continuous items in the same model?


I have not used this package before and am not very familiar with this type of analysis, but it seems this method/package should allow it... Best to just experiment with it and see.

Hope you get it to work :slight_smile:

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