Configuring Renviron file

Hi there. My question is about the Renviron configuration file. Is There a way to define a variable that would refer to a group and a username ? I would like to get something like this :


Thank you.

The .Renviron file does not support the same type of dynamic evaluation that you'd get when executing something like bash, specifically:

Lines in a site or user environment file should be either comment lines starting with #, or lines of the form name=value. The latter sets the environmental variable name to value, overriding an existing value. If value contains an expression of the form ${foo-bar}, the value is that of the environmental variable foo if that exists and is set to a non-empty value, otherwise bar. (If it is of the form ${foo}, the default is "".) This construction can be nested, so bar can be of the same form (as in ${foo-${bar-blah}}).

If you are using RStudio Server, there are alternative ways to set this value, such as in the config file: Redirect.

You could also consider modifying the .libPaths inside of the Rprofile, where you have full flexibility to execute code.

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