Configuring R Studio with GitHub

I'd like to link R Studio with my GitHub account. I have some instructions from a Git Hub repository, but I'm stuck on the first step. For example, the "environment" pane in the instructions has a "Git" tab. I have only a "connections" tab (In addition to history & environment). I have up-to-date versions of R, R Studio and Git.

Can anyone direct me to recent instructions for linking r Studio with GitHub or offer advice??

Thanks - - Mel

Hi @melcjr, yes, I believe you need to "tell" RStudio that your project is also a repo, these instructions may help:

Hi @melcjr, in addition to @edgararuiz's link, Jenny Bryan's happy git with R website also contains some great advice

Given the issue you describe it sounds like Chapter 13 might be particularly helpful

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Thanks Edgar for the rapid response.

Thanks Mark especially for the rapid response.