Configure reticulate with Python for all users

I'm trying to configure the rstudio workbench. As part of setup, I need to configure reticulate :
Here In step 3 we have to export RETICULATE_PYTHON. My question is if I have multiple Python version , then my /etc/rstudio/rsession-profile file should have all the RETICULATE_PYTHON exported ?!

Something like :

export RETICULATE_PYTHON=/opt/python/3.7.7/bin/python
export RETICULATE_PYTHON=/opt/python/3.9.0/bin/python
export RETICULATE_PYTHON=/opt/python/3.10.2/bin/python
export RETICULATE_PYTHON=/opt/python/2.7.16/bin/python

it looks wrong to me because every line is over writing the RETICULATE_PYTHON which exported in the previous line !!!

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