Conf 2020 slides and videos

Hey guys, Where can I find the slides and videos of the conference?

EDIT: Here's the link to the official RStudio Conference 2020 videos:

Original Answer:

You can find most of the videos from the conference at these links:

And most of the slides at this repo:


Trying to find the right video is a bit painful at the moment through the recorded livestreams - no labels, some short snippets, not starting at the start etc. Ideally the individual videos would be available to be linked through via a site like Emils?

Also, Grand Ballroom B has no recorded videos available at the moment...

Update, Feb 2020 Now all available at

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Editing of the individual talk videos is underway, and they’ll be posted on the RStudio website as soon as they’re ready — from what I understand, within the next week or two. If past conference videos are anything to go by, I’m guessing that effort will be made to link each video to its associated materials, as well.


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