ConditionalPanel and Tab max limit in shiny

If there are more than four conditional panel (one conditionalPanel per tab to show or hide input controls in each tab) in an app, all conditional panels fail. Why is it?

Can you give a reproducible example? This works just fine for me:


ui <- fluidPage(
      checkboxInput("show", "Show"),
      conditionalPanel("", 1),
      conditionalPanel("", 2),
      conditionalPanel("", 3),
      conditionalPanel("", 4),
      conditionalPanel("", 5),
      conditionalPanel("", 6),
      conditionalPanel("", 7),
      conditionalPanel("", 8),
      conditionalPanel("", 9),
      conditionalPanel("", 10),
      conditionalPanel("", 11),
      conditionalPanel("", 12),
      conditionalPanel("", 13),
      conditionalPanel("", 14),
      conditionalPanel("", 15),
      conditionalPanel("", 16),
      conditionalPanel("", 17)

server <- function(input, output, session) {

shinyApp(ui, server)
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I realized there was a typo in my code. Now control panel are workings as intended. Apologize for the belated reply.