Conditional logit model in R

I would like to perform the "Conditional Logit Model" in R-studio for my economic valuation study.
I found some scripts for the multinomial logit model and its related paper.

But, I could not find the script for the Conditional Logit Model in R-studio.

Can anyone guide me for useful references, please.


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Thank you so much, Sir.
As I am the beginner to R and Econometircs, this book must be suitable for me.
Is this reading only online?
I could not find it as a book though I could read online only.

You can download it as a pdf (button on the top left). Otherwise, you could contact the author.

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I have one more question regarding with this book : As there are R-scripts, I would like to practice for logit model. However, I could not get the example dataset.
I checked the whole webpage. The example datasets are not provided. Am I right?
Again, the package "POEdata", I could not find it in R packages, cannot download it.

To be summarize my question, I need to prepare the dataset (objects in R) in excel in the proper format. So, I am looking for it. I have five attributes in my data (biodiversity, waterquality, provision of foods, recreation and cost). Thank you.

You can find the download information for the package in the introduction. It isn't in CRAN, but hosted on GitHub.

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Dear Sir, I am very thankful for showing me the way.
I tired several times!
Screenshot (8)|690x388


But, the font of the dataset is incorrect. I could not read these datasets,s not at all. I attached the screenshot here for my issues.
How should I continue?
Would you please recommend me, more?

this is another screenshot for the "andy" dataset.
Should I contact to the contributor of this PoE dataset?
Thank you in advance!

firstly, please dont use screenshot images to share text...
paste the text into your post, and format it with triple backticks like this

my codes

secondly, an .rda file is not a .csv file, so read_csv or read.csv are inappropriate
the base r function load() is used for .rda files.


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