conda-installed rstudio-desktop, plots not showing in plot-pane

On a workstation where I don't have admin rights I installed rstudio using conda (Rstudio Desktop :: - version 2022.12.0 Build 355). All working fine, except my plots are not showing in rstudio's plot pane, but in their own window. I tried switching to the rstudio graphics device with options(device = "RStudioGD"), but then I get the following error when trying to plot something:

Error in .Call("rs_createGD") : 
  C symbol name "rs_createGD" not in load table

After some research on this I found that people generally suggest to "simply reinstall rstudio / update to the newest version", or something along these lines. Since I have to go the conda-way because of missing admin rights, and since there aren't a whole lot of rstudio versions maintained for conda, I need a different fix.

Might it be that simply some libray is missing that could be installed via conda?

Building and packaging RStudio for conda is notoriously difficult (for example see here and here for an idea of how long it took to get an initial version working). More recent versions aren't available from conda-forge because no one has yet fixed the new build errors. See the open Pull Requests for the current update attempts Pull requests · conda-forge/rstudio-feedstock · GitHub

One suggestion: try downgrading R to be the same version that was current when that version of RStudio was released in December 2022 (I think this would be R 4.2.2)