conda command not found in Rstudio terminal

I am trying to use conda within the Rstudio terminal, in a Linux machine running Ubuntu 18.04.4.

I have done this until last week without a problem, but now when I simply run conda, I get: bash: conda: command not found. This does not happen if I run conda in gnome-terminal or in terminator, where I get the expected behaviour with the help menu.

Not sure if related to this, but at the same time that this happened, the Rstudio terminal prompt also stoped loading directly in the directory where I have my Rstudio projects.

if anyone could point me into a direction to solve this, that would be great.


I have a workable solution for the conda problem:

I added the following to my .profile file (or .bash_profile):
export PATH=~/miniconda3/bin:$PATH

This file should be at /home/user_name/

Then every time I start a terminal window in Rstudio I have to run source activate to get my conda base environment. conda activate works after this.

Not sure yet why I now need to run source activate every time (I don't have to do it in gnome-terminal), but this seems to work for now

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