concatenating / pasting words in a corpus before text mining

I have created a corpus with theTM package in R :
AK_corpus <- Corpus(VectorSource(data_sel1$DE))

I show the two first rows of the corpus :
inspect(AK_corpus[1 : 2] ) <> Metadata: corpus specific: 1, document level (indexed): 0 Content: documents: 2 [1] aggregation operators; group decision making; linguistic preference relations; operational laws
[2] computing with words; fuzzy logic; granular computing; reliability; uncertain computing

Question: I would like to concatenate words between semicoloms so that "aggregation operators" for example is considered as a single word in a wordcloud.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @rowal and welcome to the RStudio Community!!!

The community here is very eager to help you; however, we need you to provide us with a minimal reproducible example. This will allow a potential helper to run your code on their computer and figure out the best solution for you.