Comprehensive reading material for caret and h2o

I am new to machine learning and I wish to implement shallow neural network (nnet) and deep learning for my projects.

I wish to thoroughly learn caret and h2o and implement shallow neural networks and deep learning networks on them. The internet is filled with information but it is scattered all over. Can someone please recommend me

online courses

which focuses primarily on caret and h2o

I have seen documentation of caret but I struggled to find useful information.
I have recently read a book "R for data science", it thoroughly covered everything I needed to learn. I wish to find similar material for caret and h2o. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

For h2o, there are a lot of materials here and here.

For caret, there is a lot in Applied Predictive Modeling book (disclaimer: I wrote both). caret has a comprehensive set of documentation.

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Thank you very much Max!
I highly appreciate it.

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