Complex table: package suggestions?

I'd be grateful for any suggestions for table packages which would allow me to create a table with the following row structure (two rows shown), where each row consists of 4 sub rows, and each of them is formatted with data on three separate lines. I also need to imbed at least one image, possibly more (as yet undefined), and color specific cells dependant upon their content. If I could move the f=, p=, m=, etc into the header, that would be even better:

I've taken a look at a few packages but I'm not sure which, if any, would meet my needs. Or if this is really beyond an R package and I need to be looking at LaTeX instead for the formatting.

At the moment I'm just thinking of a display table, but I'm not opposed to a reactive table if there's a package for that instead.


I typically work with formattable for any of the really complex stuff we build. This might be a case where kable + kableExtra is the way to go. Have a look here at some examples:

I would also recommend DT.


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