Completely remove quarto from my system (Ubuntu 22.04)

Hello all,

I have quarto's development version installed on my Ubuntu 22.04 system. I used the instructions provided here to install it.

git clone
cd quarto-cli

The version number is: 99.9.9, which I guess is the default for the dev version.

$ quarto --version

Now I want to use the latest version which is 1.2.475 as of today. I download the .debfile from the quarto website and installed it. The issue is that the system seems to only recognize the dev version because quarto --version still returns 99.9.9.

So my question is: how do I completely remove the dev version from my system so I can use the official release? Thank you.

$PATH issue, most likely. Try removing the system version shown in which quarto

Should I just completely delete the folder?

Thank you @technocrat for pointing me in the right direction. I ended up commenting out the directory where the dev version of quartowas installed from ~/.profile. quarto was the only program installed there.

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