Compiling R package updates - all the messages

Naive question, I know, but when I affirm that I want to download R update packages that must be compiled, it seems that I have installed in the past all of the C++, Fortran, and other compilers I need to have these packages downloaded, compiled, linked, and added to my libraries. I don’t understand all of the copious text that flows in the console during this update process. My question: I assume no obvious error message means that the downloaded updates were compiled and installed properly. Is that a good assumption? If not, what message(s) do I look for to ensure I have a successful update process?

It is, in fact, a good assumption. One of the last steps before R decides that package has been installed successfully is trying to load it. If that process fails then package installation process will throw an error.

So, if you don't see an error, then everything should be fine.


I just did a pretty massive update and I had hundreds of messages flowing by on the console that were not readable. When I tried to run an R script one of my libraries was not loadable. How to troubleshoot this? Try to re-update??

Sorry. Disregard. Updated package’s library included with another loaded package.

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