Compiling cpp code stops when Rstudio doesn't have focus

I have a package which has a custom makevars, as I compile Rcpp libraries independently from TMB libraries. I'm not sure if that's relevant to my issue, but I thought I'd mention it.

A strange behaviour I notice is that when I build my package and I'm waiting for the cpp code to compile, if I switch my desktop to a different screen and work on something else in the meantime, the compiling will pause (I can see in my system monitor that my CPU is not busy). When I switch back to my Rstudio desktop, and use the mouse to focus on the build panel, the compiling will resume again.

Its just the act of unfocusing/refocusing on the RStudio IDE that seeems to pauses/resume, my build.

Is this expected behaviour? Perhaps there's something I can to prevent this from happening? Or perhaps I just have a weird setup with unique issues... I've noticed this happening to me on multiple occasions now.

I'm using pop!_os 21.04 when I encountered these issues.

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