Comparison more groups in relation to a categorical value

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i have trouble in deciding which statistical test i have to use in R for comparing my groups (6 groups) in relation to a categorical value (yes or no). I can explain it like that. The six groups of the cohort are not interval scaled and the groups are also a categorical value and you can image it like 6 categories e.g category 1 non severe, category 2 less severe, 3 severe, 4 more severe, 5 tremendous severe 6, life threatening. I want to control if there is a statistical significance for each group in relation to my yes/no value.
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If I understand your data correctly, a Chi Squared test may be appropriate. I suggest you study that and decide if it makes sense.
A function in R that does the test is chisq.test()

thanks for your reply. but do i have to make a subset for each group? all patients belong to the cohort and are divided in these 6 groups in relation to the severity of their disease.

For a Chi Squared test, you need to know how many Yes and how many No responses are in each group. Here is a very simple example.

YesCounts <- c(5,8,5,8,9,3)
NoCounts <- c(15,13,14,12,11,15)
DataMat <- matrix(c(YesCounts,NoCounts),ncol = 2,nrow=6)
dimnames(DataMat) <- list(c("non","less","Severe","more","very","life"),
#>        Yes No
#> non      5 15
#> less     8 13
#> Severe   5 14
#> more     8 12
#> very     9 11
#> life     3 15
#Test the data
#>  Pearson's Chi-squared test
#> data:  DataMat
#> X-squared = 5.1579, df = 5, p-value = 0.3969

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The result of the test says the six group seems to have the same Yes/No probability.

How exactly you would get the counts of Yes and No responses in your data depends on how it is structured.

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