Comparing two nested models using F-statistics


I would like to compare two nested GLM models. Some literature suggest, that this can be done using F-statistics, which measures if the deviance reduced by fitting a variable is significant or not.

There are a few ways to do so:

  1. Use the formula below. However im not sure what to do next after this number is calculated

  2. Use anova function from 'stats' package. However in this case I dont actually see a single p-value (image below)

Question is:

  1. If I use option 1, what does calculated value show and what to do next
  2. If Im ought to stats package, how do I get this single p-value?


Using option 1 you compare the F-statistic to a critical value from an F-table. If it is larger than the critical value, then the nesting restrictions are rejected.

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