compare boxplot with ggplot

Good morning everyone,
I have data like those in the figure for three different scenarios. I would then create boxplots for each scenario for each month in the same plot. I made several attempts, but I couldn't get it. Do you have any suggestions?

seems like you may be trying to do the following

#made up random data with same structure as yours 

mnths <- 1:12
names(mnths) <-

(start_data <- imap_dfr(mnths,\(x,n) {y <- rnorm(100)
    y10 =  quantile(y, 0.1),
    y25 = quantile(y, 0.25),
    y50 = median(y),
    y75 = quantile(y, 0.75),
    y90 =quantile(y, 0.90),

# plotting it in the form of a boxplot, but with your 5 value for the 5 locations of the boxplot
ggplot(start_data, aes(x=month,group=month)) +
    aes(ymin = y10, 
        lower = y25, 
        middle = y50, 
        upper = y75, 
        ymax = y90),
    stat = "identity"

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