Command ?? not working,"anova")


Please, can you help me with newest version of RStudio? I can't get help (search function for finding some functions to do something) when I use these commands
?? or"anova") in RStudio. Both commands display nothing!

But both commands work great and display output like this in R, when they run from bash console:"anova"):

Demos with name or title matching ‘anova’ using fuzzy matching:

quantreg::RB-r Demo for testing R beta = r using anova[.rq]
tcltk::tkcanvas Creates a canvas widget showing a 2-D plot with
data points that can be dragged with the mouse.

Is it a bug of RStudio (Version 1.2.1335) or i do something wrong?

This is a known issue, take a look at this thread

Thank you for your answer! Well, we wait for a bug fix as soon as possible!

This should (hopefully) be fixed in the latest preview release.

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