Combining variable to obtain a Summary

Hi, I am still a novice and not sure yet how to ask the questions.

My data frame is proddesc_df made up of several columns. Two of the columns are $SLS_QTY and $EXT_SLS_AMT. I did the following to obtain the total sales by total quantity.

qtyamt <- (proddesc_df$SLS_QTY * proddesc_df$EXT_SLS_AMT)

Great! There is a column that supplies dates - SLS_DTE_NBR.

I would like to be able to be able to show how the total sales (SLS_QTY * SLS_AMT) falls within the Sales Dates.

Can this be done? Sorry.... major novice!

Yes, it can be done. To give you more specific help, please provide a REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue.

If you prefer to learn on your own, you can read this free ebook

1 7.00e+31 3.22e+18 1164203101 2016-06-08 1.60 2
2 1.00e+20 3.87e+18 72047351000 2016-01-17 3.49 1
3 1.00e+20 8.51e+18 3600025824 2016-01-17 3.49 1
4 7.00e+31 5.37e+17 7205861079 2016-01-19 24.79 1
5 5.39e+23 7.00e+18 82775501058 2016-01-27 6.29 1
6 5.39e+23 7.00e+18 4116710023 2016-01-27 2.19 1

That is not copy paste friendly nor reproducible, please read the reprex guide and try to provide a proper reproducible example.

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