Combining packages

I am Dutch student who is not really experienced with R. Two packages seem interesting for my thesis: productivity and benchmarking.

As I am conducting a meta frontier analysis, I prefer the latter one. However, this website (> does not mention the Lowe index (which is the aggregator function that I want to use) as one of its functions.
In contrast, productivity (> includes the Lowe index, but does not clearly state that benchmarking is part of the package.

Does anybody know if combining these two packages is possible? Or, more broadly, what is best way to handle this issue?

Thank you in advance!

In general, yes unless one package's input or output cannot be transformed to the other's expectations. From the productivity package's help page for lowe, a data frame is required, and from Benchmarking one of data objects used for illustration, charnes1981 is also a data frame. I suggest testing whether you can use it with lowe and whatever the appropriate function in Benchmarking you want to use is.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! I highly appreciate your help

I will conduct some tests!

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