Combining Markdown and Shiny

Hello experts,

I'm opening a new thread because I realized my question was more general. I wish to create an interactive tutorial that has paragraphs of text (with equations, links, etc), interleaved with shiny apps. I tried several ways, but none of them worked for me: I didn't get includeMarkdown to work (the formatting is not right on my machine, and I'm getting an error message when deploying), same with includeHTML, I also tried to embed my shiny app in a rmarkdown document and to use gitHub pages, but this doesn't work as well for some reason (the application does not show), and embedding a shiny app in a Medium post is also not possible as far as I can tell.

What would be the simplest way to do this, and are there any examples of this online?


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Hi @tanzor, sorry for the lack of reply. Here's one such example shiny-examples/026-shiny-inline/index.Rmd at main · rstudio/shiny-examples · GitHub

See also the Shiny chapter of the rmarkdown book and Shiny's interactive document articles