Combine Variables in an imported data set

Hi all,

I need to use R for a school project due in a few days.
I have a dataset that I have imported to Rstudio and I have viewed it.

I need to combine over 1964 string variables into one cell (they're speeches over a few years)
For example:
Current Data:
Person 1 Speech 1 Speech 2 Speech 3 Speech 4
Person 2 Speech 1 Speech 2 Speech 3 Speech 4
Person 3 Speech 1 Speech 2 Speech 3 Speech 4
Person 4 Speech 1 Speech 2 Speech 3 Speech 4

Data I want:
Person 1 All Speeches Combined
Person 2 All Speeches Combined
Person 3 All Speeches Combined
Person 4 All Speeches Combined

Any help would be great!

The sample text created is too long to successfully create a dput object and reprex.

> DF
# A tibble: 4 x 5
  Person  Speech1               Speech2               Speech3              Speech4             
  <chr>   <chr>                 <chr>                 <chr>                <chr>               
1 Washin… Among the vicissitud… Such being the impre… I am again called u… Previous to the exe…
2 Adams   When it was first pe… The zeal and ardor o… Negligence of its r… In this dangerous c…
3 Jeffer… Called upon to under… During the contest o… Proceeding, fellow … On taking this stat…
4 Madison The present situatio… About to add the sol… May we not cherish … I should be destitu…
> DF %>% mutate(across(starts_with("Speech"),paste0, .names = "Combined")) %>%
+   select(Person,Combined)
# A tibble: 4 x 2
  Person     Combined                                                                          
  <chr>      <chr>                                                                             
1 Washington Among the vicissitudes incident to life no event could have filled me with greate…
2 Adams      When it was first perceived, in early times, that no middle course for America re…
3 Jefferson  Called upon to undertake the duties of the first executive office of our country,…
4 Madison    The present situation of the world is indeed without a parallel, and that of our …

Depending on the plans for further processing the data, the resultant data frame may not be ideal. See the tidytext package for alternative ways of organizing textual data.

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