Combine two time series forecast on the same chart


I have generated two time series forecast graph, stored the two graphs as f1 and f2. Is there a way I can have f1 and f2 displayed on the same chart? Thanks!

empseries <- ts((Data$tot_emp),freq=1,start=c(1997,5))
m1 <- auto.arima(empseries,max.q=0,max.d=0,ic="aic",seasonal=FALSE)
f1 <- forecast(m1,h=6)

trafficseries <- ts((Traffic$Traffic_adj),freq=12,start=c(1989,1),end=c(2019,5))
m2 <- auto.arima(trafficseries,max.q=0,max.d=0,ic="aic",seasonal=FALSE)
f2 <- forecast(m2,h=72)

Hi Andy, welcome!

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