Combine ggplot plots

I couldn't find a ggplot2 function that combines multiple ggplot plots into one for saving. Instead, I have to use the function ggarange from the package ggpubr. Why ggplot2 does not provide such function or am I missing something?

Have you tried using the package "patchwork". Patchwork allows you to combine multiple ggplot plots into one with many different ways and it's quite helpful.


I am looking for a solution with the ggplot2 package.

That is not a ggplot2 feature so there isn't one, if you are interested in getting an explanation from the developers on why this isn't implemented natively, then I think that filing a feature request on the GitHub repository would be the way to go.

Not sure what you mean when you say from within ggplot2. Ggplot2 allows the below

  1. You can use more than geoms in a plot which get added as layers in the same plot
  2. You can create as many plots as required using facet_wrap function
  3. You can go even further and use facet_grid to add more to the same plot


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