Combine bookdown project with separate Rmd files

I am writing a book in bookdown that contains a course.

As part of this course, I have also stored sample data and code, including Rmarkdown files.

When I try to knit these separate Rmd files, RStudio updates the whole book, instead of just that file.

All my Rmd files are in a subfolder, configured in the YAML file and building the book works fine. But knitting Rmd files not part of the book cannot be rendered.

Is there a method to have Rmd files in the same project that are not part of the book?

How are you rendering those file ? Is it using the Knit Button or using the rmarkdown::render() on the file ?

I believe that the latter should work. For the former, I think this is because the RStudio IDE is plug in to the project as a bookdown project and will assume any Rmd file is from the bookdown. A specific call to rmarkdown::render_site() will be down.

Can you confirm that calling rmarkdown::render("specific file in subfolder") would work ?

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