Combaning ASV tsble after decontam with qiime2 outputs into phyloseq object

Hello Everyone!
I have used package decontam to clean our table.qza from qiime2 output (16s sequencing dataset).
I want to create phyloseq object with qiime2 outputs like taxonomy,rooted-tree and AVS table decontaminated, that is already in R. I couldn't find anything about it.
I would appreciate any help.

It looks like there's a function in {qiime2}. See this writeup.

Thank you,
It is working only for qiime2 outputs,
I need to use ASV from Rstudio instead of qiime2 output...

Tried this

phyloseq2<-qza_to_phyloseq(features = "ASV_table_decontaminated_ps_noControl"
tree = "/home/rooted-tree.qza",
metadata = "/home/metadata.tsv")

Error in qza_to_phyloseq(features = "ASV_table_decontaminated_ps_noControl", :
could not find function "qza_to_phyloseq"

A better way of explaining the problem is to provide a reprex. See the FAQ.

isn't in namespace. Try




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