coloring specfic rownames in the heatmap

Hello Dears,
I want to give a different color for my heatmap's row names A and D. Is it possible to do using pheatmap or heatmap.2?
Below is my code

li.A <- matrix(rnorm(50), nrow = 10)
rownames(li.A) <- LETTERS[1:10]
colnames(li.A) <- paste0("S_", ncol = 1:5)

Thank you so much!

With pheatmap, not really. What you can do is add an annotation color bar:

annotation_df <- data.frame(ann = c(rep("Aa",5), rep("Bb",5)),
                            row.names = rownames(li.A))

pheatmap(li.A, annotation_row = annotation_df)

With heatmap.2, a quick look at the man page suggests colRow and colCol might do it, I've never tried.

Else, I can imagine complexHeatmap will let you do that.

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