Colored dataframe

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How can I make a colored dataframe. I've tried grid.arrange() and It wasn't a successful trial

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What have you tried (please provide some example of your code) and what is your end-goal? You mention making a "colored dataframe" - how do you envision it being colored? Conditional formatting?


Thanks for your reply. It's just a normal csv dataframe nothing special about it.
No need for conditional formatting, I Just wanna color the rows like how we'd do it with google sheets for example rather than the grey and white appearance.

The R console can only support primitive coloring, and not offer you control over font and fine presentation details by virtue of what it is; similarly R studio table viewer is primitive and not intended to be used as a presentational tool. Therefore there is a sort of divide you should conceptualise between working data structures for calculation, and finished presentational products such as attractive HTML tables fit for reporting.

If you would like to transform a data.frame for the purpose of presentation you should look into using an appropriate package that can render a table visually for presentation/reporting.
Perhaps gt is a good choice.
Easily Create Presentation-Ready Display Tables • gt (

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