Collapsing Networks in R

I have the following graph network data:


from <- c("Boss", "TeamA", "TeamA", "TeamA", "SubteamA1", "SubteamA1", "SubteamA1", "SubteamA2", "SubteamA2", "SubteamA2", "SubteamA3", "SubteamA3", "SubteamA3")
to <- c("TeamA", "SubteamA1", "SubteamA2", "SubteamA3", "employee1", "employee2", "employee3", "employee4", "employee5", "employee6", "employee7", "employee8", "employee9")
a1 = data_frame <- data.frame(from, to)

from <- c("Boss", "TeamB", "TeamB", "TeamB", "SubteamB1", "SubteamB1", "SubteamB1", "SubteamB2", "SubteamB2", "SubteamB2", "SubteamB3", "SubteamB3", "SubteamB3")
to <- c("TeamB", "SubteamB1", "SubteamB2", "SubteamB3", "employee10", "employee11", "employee12", "employee13", "employee14", "employee15", "employee16", "employee17", "employee18")
a2 = data_frame <- data.frame(from, to)

final = rbind(a1, a2)

I then made it into a graph network and visualized it:

# Convert the data frame to an igraph object
g <- graph_from_data_frame(final, directed=FALSE)

# Plot the graph

# Optional visualization

visIgraph(g) %>%
  visHierarchicalLayout(direction = "LR") %>%
  visInteraction(navigation = "zoom") %>%
  visInteraction(navigation = "drag") %>%
  visOptions(selectedBy = "to", 
             highlightNearest = TRUE, 
             nodesIdSelection = TRUE) 

My Question: I have been trying to find if there some way such that when you run the graph, it only shows one node on the screen (boss node) - and when you click on the boss node, it expands into 3 nodes (boss, team a, team b), and if you click on "team a", it expands into sub teams ... but if you double click, it collapse back to the previous layer.

The closest thing I could find to this is here: How to re-collapse groups clustered via visClusteringByGroup() · Issue #307 · datastorm-open/visNetwork · GitHub

But is there some easier way to do this in R/javascript?



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