Collaborating with Rmarkdown and Git

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I'm collaborating with a team of researchers on a project where we use Rmarkdown to analyze data and create reproducible reports. We have a GitHub repository and changes are routinely pushed to the remote server.

I would like to be able to comment and make changes to my teammates' code such that they can later see the changes in RStudio and address them one by one. Normally I do this with a pull request but I'm not sure how they will then be able to see my changes highlighted within RStudio, if it's possible at all. So my question is what is the best pipeline for collaborating on a long RMarkdown file?

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They would do by using the commit history I guess - but it is not in the source pane and they won't see comment about a PR. Also it requires a bit of Git knowleged.

VSCODE has some nice tool through extensions to integrate with R, R Markdown, Git and Github, including PR. A PR can be viewed, changed can be seen inside source document, including comments can be seen inline. Maybe that would help you in the workflow ?

There is no easy tooling for that yet. This is a topic and challenge we want to tackle within the new Quarto ecosystem. We're not there yet though.

Regarding R Markdown specific tool, we have a page in the Cookbook

The community has come up with a solution using Google drive with the trackdown package. Maybe it can help you ?

Anyhow, really interested to read what the community will share about this topic. Thanks for asking !

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