Coding to compare 3 variables

Hi everyone,

Needing some assistance with some r studio coding. Below is the task.

Compare satisfaction (x22), likelihood to return (x23), and recommend to others (x24) between respondents who selected SantaFe and Jose’s as their favorite restaurant.
a) Is there any statistically significant difference?
b) Overall, what is your conclusion of relationship measures between two restaurants?

x22, x23, & x24 are the column headers. There are 405 responses to each of these questions based on an interval scale 1-7. Please let me know if you can help!


There are 35 questions in all in the survey. The questions I am referring too are questions 22, 23, & 24. That is why the column heading is "x22". Hope this clarifies some!

This sounds a lot like a homework question. You can read the policy of this website regarding this here.
If you have a specific question, then plenty of people will be willing to help. As it stands your question is basically a call to solve your problem for you instead of helping you solve it for yourselves. Moreover, the way you've asked it is impossible to say anything since you didn't provide any data except for the names of the columns.
As a general feedback - try to look at descriptive statistics of different columns grouped by favorite restaurants. Also, take a look at the help for the t.test (type ?t.test in RStudio console for that) since you can't use default t-test since it assumes numeric data while you have ordinal responses.

This is part of a course assignment, but our course instructor has recommended that we use resources like this site for help when we are struggling with r studio.

The reason I did not include the data is for that exact reason... I wasn't simply looking for a solution, but more so some guidance on where to begin with the coding.

If you have a specific point you are struggling with - then go ahead. 2 questions that you've asked in the post are not good since they are too broad and directly answer what you supposed to do.
Just as an example, better question can be: "How to compare two vectors with ordinal variables?". Along with the question it would be helpful to include a reproducible example and things you've tried already to see exactly where you problem is.
Also, keep in mind that RStudio and R are two different things. RStudio is an IDE that allows you to use R (a statistical language). In other words, you can use R without RStudio.

to help with this, determine which statistical methods you'd like to perform on your data. from there you can generally google something along the lines of "statistical method in R" to get a good starting point.

as you're working through suggested methods based on your search of statistical methods, this community would be happy to help you troubleshoot any coding errors you run into.