Code space shows a vertical line

Hi, i have a laptop that's new and up to date hardwarewise and softwarewise, however after installing Rstudio and when I open a new R page to start coding I get a horizontal line, I tried pyCharm ( there is a module that supports R code ) I get the same thing, in other languages everything seems to be good. Can you enlighten me ?

Looks good to me. What do you expect?

why there is a horizontal line in there ?

The line shows 80 characters in your source script:

Is that the separator line for the console panel.
Can you shift it upwards with the mouse?
Can you resize the edit panel?

There is a vertical line in the script editor indicating the 80th character, many people will use this as a guide to new line their code so that it will be easy to read.

You are seeing the margin column. You can turn it off in Tools -> Global Options -> Code -> Display -> uncheck Show margin.


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