Code slow in RStudio over VPN

Using latest version of R (4.2.1) and RStudio (2022.07.1-554) on Windows code execution (and even loading of an RStudio project) is extremely slow over VPN. Base RGui running the same code is unaffected. It has been this way for a few years but has gotten worse of late. (Or maybe I just work from home more often since COVID and it bothers me more often).

Simple code (loading a library, loading a small (<100k) text file, or plotting data already in memory) takes 5 to 10 seconds. This makes it unusable. I either have to run the code in RGui, copy all the files locally, or remote in to an office PC to access the files.

I looked a previous topics and no resolutions provided.

I tried some suggestions from other threads such as removing the project folder and also turning off the package pane and no change in performance.

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