Code omission from Shiny Basics tutorial

I think that Shiny Basics lesson 4, found at Shiny - Display reactive output, is missing text from the first code snippet on the page.

Here is the code that is provided:

ui <- page_sidebar(
  title = "censusVis",
  sidebar = sidebar(
      "Create demographic maps with information from the 2010 US Census."
      label = "Choose a variable to display",
      choices = 
        c("Percent White",
          "Percent Black",
          "Percent Hispanic",
          "Percent Asian"),
      selected = "Percent White"
      label = "Range of interest:",
      min = 0, 
      max = 100, 
      value = c(0, 100)

Below the snippet it states ,"Notice that textOutput takes an argument, the character string "selected_var". Each of the *Output functions require a single argument: a character string that Shiny will use as the name of your reactive element."

It seems to me that there is supposed to be a textOutput function call after the last comma in the code provided here, but there isn't. Since no authors for this document are listed and there is no avenue for feedback, I figured I'd post here in case somebody knows who to talk to to get this fixed.